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The fully hardened screws’ raw materials are made in China or imported from Japan, United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany. We select them highest quality materials for different working conditions.

Our self-developed vacuum sintered-nickel-based alloy coated screws (SST700 series) are suitable for high abrasion materials.

PVD coating and HVOF supersonic flame spraying are applied as surface treatment, which greatly improves the performance and life time of the screws.



SST200 series materials are made of domestic and imported cold-working alloy steel.

Heat treatment: vacuum quenching (preheating temperature: 650-750°C), austenize temperature 950-1080°C (usually selected 1030-1050 °C).

Overall hardness: 58-60HRC.

Characteristics: good abrasion resistance, hardenability, very good toughness, good surface treatment characteristics, suitable for surface nitriding, electroplating, PVD treatment, suitable for working conditions below 30% GF.



SST300 series material is made of domestic and imported steel.

Heat treatment: vacuum quenching (preheating temperature: 550-600 ° C).

Overall hardness: 58-60HRC.

Characteristics: high abrasion resistance, very good overall hardenability, heat treatment size stability,

Application conditions: 30%-50% GF.


SST400 series material is made of imported special alloy steel for making screw,

Heat treatment: vacuum quenching (preheating temperature: 600-850°C), austenitizing temperature 1020-1050 ° C (usually selected 1020-1030°C).

Overall hardness: 50-55HRC.

Characteristics: good abrasion resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent polishing, stable heat treatment.

Applications: optical products, light guide plates, lenses, white, transparent PC, PMMA and other materials with high viscosity and poor fluidity.


SST500 series material is imported powder metallurgy high speed steel.

Heat treatment: vacuum quenching (preheating temperature: 600-700°C), austenitizing temperature 1000-1024°C, tempering temperature 530-580°C.

Overall hardness: 60-64HRC

Characteristics: super abrasion resistance, very good toughness, overall hardenability, stable heat treatment size.

Applications: engineering plastics +50% GF+ ordinary fire retardant, carbon fiber, ceramics, metal powder, magnetic powder and other high abrasion materials.


SST600 series materials are made of domestic and imported nickel-based alloy steel.

Heat treatment: vacuum quenching, alloy thermoplastic strain temperature 900-1140°C, tempering temperature 500-650°C.

Overall hardness: 55-58HRC.

Characteristics: super abrasion-resistant, super corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant, good plasticity, suitable for halogen-free engineering plastics +65% GF high temperature working conditions.

Applications: PPS Halogen Free + 50% GF, PA9T Halogen Free + 50% GF, PA5T Halogen Free + 50% GF, PA66 Halogen Free + 65% GF, LCP Halogen Free, PPT Halogen Free + 50% GF, PEEK, Fluoroplastic and many more.


SST700 series is vacuum sintered - nickel based alloy coated screw.

The base material is made of 4140 alloy structural steel, the alloy powder is selected from the United States Wall Colmonoy Corporation nickel base alloy.

Alloy layer thickness: 0.8-1mm

Production range: less than 2m in length.

Characteristics: excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, alloy layer and matrix metallurgical bonding, bonding strength 200Mpa.

PVD coating process

PVD coating technology, by depositing a high-hardness coating on the screw, can effectively improve the abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and lubricity of the screw itself, and its hardness is better than other surfaces such as nitriding, hard chrome plating or spraying. With a Vickers-hardness of up to HV 3800, the service life is 2-30 times higher than that of an untreated screw.

HVOF supersonic flame spraying process

HVOF treatment is used to increase or restore the surface properties or dimensions of the screw. High-temperature, high-speed airflow is used to spray the molten or semi-molten material onto the surface to create a dense coating with a very high finish, which greatly increases the service life of the screw.

The following 2 powders are available for selection:

》High hardness cobalt-based alloy powder: 88% (Wc) + 12% (Co).

Coating hardness: 68-71HRC.

》High temperature abrasion resistant ceramic powder: 75% (Cr3C2) + 25% (NiCr)

Coating hardness: 55-65HRC