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Since 1992, SUPERIOR MACHINERY has been a leading manufacturer of high-end barrels and screws for plastics processing equipment and machineries, providing professional and customized solutions to clients all over the world.

Thanks to our long experience in many fields of application, technical know-how and precise expertise, we are able to provide solutions according to customers requirement, even the most complex ones.


ISO 9000 certified, SUPERIOR MACHINERY is headquartered in Ningbo Zhoushan. Our 10.000m2 plant is equipped with cutting-edge precision facilities which allow us to produce high-end screws and barrels based on resistance to abrasion, corrosion, high pressure, high-speed and suitable for several kind of different materials, such as halogen-free materials, high fiber materials, ceramic, powder alloy, magnetic materials, high corrosive materials, high temperature materials, thermosetting materials, liquid materials, high abrasion materials and other special materials.


SUPERIOR MACHINERY has always been at the forefront of technology research and development. We have taken the lead in developing and producing iron-based alloy barrels in our industry. In 2009, we adopted advanced vacuum sintering technology and successfully developed nickel-base alloy barrels and nickel-alloy- coated screws.


Our products application industries: IT connectors, auto parts, optical products, precision gears and special industries. According to the physical characteristics of different materials and product requirements, our technical department is able to advise customers about the most suitable product for the specific application.


In order to meet our customers’ high-quality needs, our screws and barrels raw materials are imported from the United States, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan .

Our wide range of products includes:

    >  Bimetallic barrel series;

    >  Fully hardened screw series;

    >  Screws & Barrels for Rubber Machine;

    >  Single Screws & Barrels for Extruder;

    >  Parallel Twin Screws & Barrels(Counter-rotating & Co-rotating);

    >  Conical Twin Screws & Barrels(Counter-rotating & Co-rotating).

Surface treatment

PVD coating and HVOF supersonic flame spraying are applied to the surface treatment of the screw,

PST titanium-Nitrogen diffusion technology and traditional salt-bath style heat treatment.